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Build with the best!

Why Are we the best?

Kyle Bennett has sold over 100 New Construction homes in just the last 3 years!

Our Lead Agent, Kyle Bennett spent years working for builders as a top sales rep. We have worked with 15+ builders in Cincinnati. His experience and knowledge of the new build process is invaluable from start to finish. Building a home is a 6-12month process that requires a skillful knowledge Realtor® with experience in the industry. We can help guide you through all the steps and answer the important questions such as:

-Should we use the builders finance company?
-Production vs. Custom?
-Should we purchase a "spec" home and skip the wait?
-Is it possible to get a deal on a new home?
-What options should we consider for resale?
-Is that option price fair?
-Your lot or the builders?

It all Begins with a Kitchen...

It's amazing how a kitchen can define a home. Whether you are chef or bachelor with a toaster, your kitchen holds the keys to your homes property value. This Ideabook will cover you on your journey to find the perfect kitchen!

Considering building a home? 
 Our dedicated online home search specialist can help!

Now lets find an exterior!

One of the hardest/stressful/regrettable parts of the new build process according to my past clients is choosing exterior colors. One of the reasons is the process typically involves looking at a tiny sample of colors in unnatural light.
A few tips:
- Look at all your samples outside in the daylight, these colors will look drastically different outside compared to inside.
- Ask you builder for a home with similar colors. 
- Use this Ideabook. It’s crafted with similar options you will find from the top builders in Cincinnati. What do you like? Not like? Bring these ideas to your design center appointment.

We work with 20+ builders in 100's of communities

We help clients build homes in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren County!

The Bedroom has to be perfect.

It's amazing how a bedroom can define a home. The most commonly used room in your home needs to be special. This Ideabook will cover you on your journey to find the perfect bedroom.

My first purchase was a breeze. Happy to move downtown. Kyle had a ton of knowledge and showed me a ton of homes till I found the right one. I would highly recommend Kyle.
— Ron H.

Dreaming of a custom basement? 

Check out our favorite designs to get ideas for your new home build.

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